Lynn Joels

Advanced Higher Diploma Naturopathy

Lynn is a Naturopath with a special interest in helping your little person stay healthy from birth and infancy through the teenage years and on in to adulthood.

Understanding the importance of a healthy pregnancy to help introduce a healthy child in to the world, Lynn likes to support the entire family from preconception, through pregnancy, birth and beyond to ensure everyone achieves optimal health.

Lynn’s philosophy: the body has in inbuilt ability to heal itself given optimal conditions.

Everything we do, think and eat contributes to who we are. So when addressing health and looking at healing, we need to include nutrition, lifestyle and management of our thoughts, emotions and energy to achieve true holistic outcomes.

Working with you on your diet and lifestyle, and supporting with herbs, nutritionals and wellbeing practices, Lynn’s aim is to have you be the best version of you at all stages of your life.

Her own personal journey with auto immune disease , chronic food allergies and an emotional journey through IVF leads Lynn’s passions in the area of holistic, integrative medicine. Scientific research is one of her favourite pastimes, with her loving to know the latest and new approaches in the area of integrative medicine and how they fit with biochemistry and genetics.

Special interests:

  • Childhood health
  • Preconception/fertility
  • Pregnancy
  • Women’s hormonal health
  • Chemical-free living
  • The gut and its amazing role in everything!


  • Advanced Higher Diploma Naturopathy (Nature Care College) 2016
  • First Aid 2017
  • Working with Children certification 2016


  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society