Avanti Singh

Integrative Psychologist
BA Psych MA Psych Adv Dip of Ayurveda
Chopra Meditation instructor

Avanti is an Integrative Psychologist who combines Western and Eastern therapies with quantum physics into a holistic model that acknowledges the links between Mind and Body. Avanti’s personal experience of contending with a rare nervous system disorder, severe scoliosis and her journey through IVF has been a motivator for her work and studies. She creates a trusting environment where people can learn to recognise their underlying source of stress, discomfort, dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
Avanti sees people going through anxiety, depression, grief, infertility, illness, and a whole host of critical transitional periods in the areas of health, relationships and work. Her premise is always to connect people to their own inner wisdom and to empower them to shift perspective and to develop the witness within. She teaches people simple and practical tools that she has learned from great wellbeing and spiritual educators. Avanti believes the wounding’s of life can move people to something new, more intuitive, purposeful and spiritual and that the natural way of life is forward moving towards a higher order of consciousness. She is interested in helping people to connect with themselves, others and to life, imparting the processes of re-creation, and re-organisation so that individuals find their higher purpose and use their great life in service to this universe.

Special Interests and/or Services

  • Infertility/IVF/Fertility
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Illnesses
  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle/Routines
  • Meditation
  • Yogic practises


  • Registered psychologist (1999)
  • Medicare Provider (2011)
  • Ayurveda, Advanced Diploma at Equals international College, Adelaide (2017)
  • Certified Chopra Instructor in Meditation with the renowned
  • Deepak Chopra Centre University in San Diego (2014)
  • Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (University of Sydney 2012)
  • Graduate of Jean Houston’s Evolutionary courses (2011)
  • Masters Of Arts (Psychology) (University of Sydney 1996)
  • Bachelor Of Arts (Psychology) (University of Wollongong 1992)


  • Allied Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
  • Psychology Board of Australia
  • Australian Psychological Society