NIIM Sydney is a Integrative medical clinic backed by the National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Australia’s leading evidence-based Integrative Medicine academic and research centre.

NIIM Sydney joins, NIIM Gold Coast and operational Headquarters NIIM Melbourne and offers the best evidence-based conventional and complementary treatments for every day healthcare, prevention and chronic illness.

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The National Institute of Integrative Medicine
NIIM Sydney

What is ‘Integrative Medicine’?

Integrative Medicine (IM) combines orthodox and complementary medicines and/or therapies with a holistic approach, towards whole person care. The aim is to use the most appropriate and safe evidence-based medical approach to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. We need to clarify that integrative medicine is not `alternative` medicine – but `complementary` to current medicine. It is about combining safe and effective complementary medicines & therapies into practice. It incorporates the philosophy of a preventive approach to healthcare and also involves the patient as an active participant in their own healing.

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NIIM Founding Director – Professor Avni Sali
Learn about NIIM’s founding Director Professor Avni Sali AM

Clinical Director – Dr Justin Curtin
Learn about NIIM Sydney’s clinical director Dr Justin Curtin

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